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Electron Microscope
Nanoparticle Generator G1
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 ⊙ Very small particles 0 – 20nm 
 ⊙ Pure particles, no surfactants 
 ⊙ Material versatility: all (semi) conductive materials, metal oxides, carbon. 
 ⊙ Mix & Match: combine pure source materials, alloys and mixes 
 ⊙ High stability, 98% in long term experiments 
 ⊙ High concentration. Output up to 20mg/hour 
 ⊙ Ease of use, tune output with just a few settings
 ⊙ Reproducible output by using the same settings 
 ⊙ Mimics real world 
 ⊙ Atmospheric pressure and room temperature 
 ⊙ Single particles, high surface area 
 ⊙ Air as carrier gas possible 
 ⊙ Physiological realistic testing 
 ⊙ Compatible with air liquid interfaces like Vitrocell